About us

Company Overview

Hotelisimo was created by experienced concierges, who have worked in some of the best 5-star hotels in the world. Our vision is to provide a platform where hotels, hostels and tour companies can reach out to their clients. They can include their recommendations through a modern online portal, where reservations can be made directly, without any registration or payment. 

Therefore, the restaurants featuring on the website are handpicked by local experts: hotel concierges, receptionists and professional tour guides. They are residents of the city, their local knowledge and expertise helps our bookers to avoid the common tourist traps and big restaurant chains, allowing them to discover the highest quality eateries, and also some hidden gems. 


As the majority of people who use our services are only visitors, bookers are not required to sign up and we don`t require unnecessary information and log-ins, thus minimalizing the time our clients have to spend booking their table. These steps make the reservation faster and simpler, resulting in a user-friendly experience.


At Hotelisimo.com, we choose the restaurants based on recommendations we receive from our partner hotels. As we don`t require log-in details from the bookers, unfortunately – due to privacy reasons – we are unable to post member reviews on our website (This doesn`t mean we don`t appreciate your feedback! Please don`t hesitate to contact us anytime at info@hotelisimo.hu, and we will follow up on your feedback). Instead of only customer reviews, we use feedback from the staff of our partner hotels. We believe their employees can provide a much better perspective, as they are all residents with a deep knowledge of the local cuisine and standards. They also help you to avoid chain restaurants and typical tourist traps, so all you need to do is to choose which restaurant suits you best!


What our clients say about us

„We got the link from our hotel and it was super easy to make the bookings. We visited two restaurants during our stay and both of them were amazing! Dankeschön”
Thomas from Austria